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Pre-planning your funeral is easier than you think! FAMS is a team of volunteers
to help you plan a simple, economical, and dignified funeral

Notice is hereby given of the 66th Annual General Meeting of FAMS

on Sunday April 30, 2023 at 1 pm EDT Online (Zoom)

Registration, Link, Agenda and Reports are available at Members tab 


We were sad to receive the following news about FAMS Founder Elly Elder

Elder, Elly Rigmor (nee Christensen) August 19, 1921 to August 26, 2022 

 Passed away peacefully August 26th, one week after her 101st birthday. 

Born August 19th, 1921 in Mosbjerg, Denmark, the eldest of three, Elly’s family immigrated to Canada in 1927, settling in Scarborough, Ontario. It wasn’t long before Elly had mastered English and at age seven became the official translator for the family as they adapted to their new life. After graduating from Scarborough Collegiate in 1940 Elly went on to complete a legal secretary program and then worked in a prominent Toronto lawyer’s office. 

Elly met her future husband, Andy while he was studying to be an electrical engineer at University of Toronto; they were married in May of 1949. In 1952 Janet was born, the date, August 19th, the same birthday as her mother. 

Elly was not going to let the duties of a stay-at-home mom and wife take up her whole life and so, after attending a talk on the expense of funerals, with a friend decided to find a way for people to do pre-arranged, inexpensive funerals. So was founded the Toronto Memorial Society which today has chapters all across Canada. Elly served on the Toronto board for many years in the capacities of Chairman, Executive Director and Media Relations.  

Elly was one of the founders of Unitarian Fellowship of Northwest Toronto in 1959 and was a charter member. The lay led fellowship hosted speakers on the social issues of the day. Members of the Northwest Fellowship remember her fondly.  

Elly was an enthusiastic traveler and with her husband Andy’s work taking him to Europe, Elly was not going to be left at home. Leaving Janet with her grandparents, Elly joined Andy for several months, touring whenever Andy was free. After Andy passed away, Elly, in her 80’s, hostelled for several months in New Zealand with a friend. attended more than 80 Elder Hostels around the world and numerous trips on her own.Elly was in her late 80’s when she took her last trip with her daughter on an Elder Hostel to Tunisia.  

Elly was predeceased by her husband Andy, daughter Janet, brothers Arne and Albert. She will be missed by her nephews, nieces and other extended family and especially her grandson, Paul, who visited Elly regularly over the past six and a half years at her long-term care home, sharing her many memories.  

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